mi philosophy

mi sport aims to give children the best possible introduction to the wonderful world of sport and physical activity. We have developed a unique, ground breaking approach to children’s sport based on a multi skill philosophy.

Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS)

By helping children develop a firm foundation of fundamental movement skills (FMS), we empower children to have the confidence to access and enjoy ANY physical activity as they get older.

Boy running in the gymWe start by asking ‘What do children need to be able to do to experience (personal) success in sport?’ We have answered this by identifying over 30 physical and mental competencies ranging from ‘see space’ to ‘run fast’ to ‘respond quickly’ and so on.

Research based

Our approach is supported by a growing body of research evidence that suggests that early specialisation is detrimental to long term sport participation and enjoyment. This is what researchers at Leeds Metropolitan University have to say:

“Children competent in FMS are more likely to enjoy and have a positive attitude towards sport and physical activity. Aside from the obvious health benefits (e.g. lower risk of obesity/cardiovascular disease), research has shown that the increased self-confidence children feel through successfully performing FMS can have a beneficial knock-on effect to other areas of their education e.g. proficiency in reading and writing.”

Child centred, inclusive and age-appropriate

We start with what your child can do, not what s/he can’t.

At mi sport your children develop physical confidence and competence through carefully designed games and challenges. The children perceive mi sport to be about play but over time improved technical proficiency, coupled with a ‘can do’ attitude becomes evident.

Girl running in the gym

Our approach:

You wouldn’t develop a genuine love of reading in your child through just one author or genre, so why do the same with sport?

Our programmes

mi sport holiday courses take place at various venues that are carefully selected to provide a safe, clean and welcoming environment.

All our staff are fully trained, CRB cleared and many of them are full time teachers, so you can be sure your little ones are in safe, caring hands.