On this page you’ll find our prices for holiday courses. At mi sport, you can chose any combination of days to attend during the school holidays. Where our holiday courses run across a number of weeks like in the summer, you can even select days in different weeks. We offer a discount if you book 2 children and as you can see, the more days you attend the less the ‘per day’ rate is. The prices are confirmed on our booking system too.

Holiday courses

5 days 1 child   £130
5 days 2 children £227.50

4 days 1 child   £110
4 days 2 children £192.50

3 days 1 child   £90
3 days 2 children £157.50

2 days 1 child    £65
2 days 2 children £113.75

1 day 1 child    £40
1 day for 2 children £70

£320 for up to 20 days (Summer only)

Prices for 6 to 12 day bookings are available on our booking system.

Early Drop-off  from 08.30: £7 per child per morning/£13 for 2 children per morning

Paying by child care vouchers?
We are currently unable to accept child care vouchers. We apologise for any inconvenience.