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Our 10th annual family ski holiday in Feb 2018 saw over 130 people have a fantastic time in the Italian mountains. So in 2019 we’ll be returning to Marilleva during February Half Term.

“Really great week. Quality of care of children brilliant by everyone. Excellent mi ski organisation.”

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Marilleva, Italy: Saturday 16 to Saturday 23 February 2019
For full details and to secure your places, email marcella@mi-sport.co

The completely child friendly ski holiday

mi ski holidays are an excellent way for families to enjoy the slopes in a fun, secure and supportive group.  Our 9 trips to date have been made up of both children and adults from across the experience/ability spectrum.

Support in ski school and beyond
At mi ski the children are at the very heart of the holiday and not just one of many passing through in any given season. The level of care and quality of service is unrivaled by any commercial tour operator.
We know that the first day or so of ski school can be particularly daunting for a young child. That’s why our staff offer a friendly, supporting hand during all ski lessons. We make sure gloves are not dropped, children are helped up quickly after a fall, and dare we say it, a little piece of chocolate is at hand to keep energy levels up!

So how does it work?
Well it’s really straight forward.
Ski school is usually from 11-13.00 for both children and adults (separate classes). The lifts open at 08.30 so you can ski for a couple of hours before ski school if you wish.
In the afternoon we take all the fun of mi sport to the mountains with us so the children can chose to take part in sports hall activities, swimming and other fun activities. This gives the adults the afternoon to enjoy the slopes or simply relax, secure in the knowledge that the children are happy and safe in the capable hand of the mi sport team.
Of course, you can ski together as a family in the afternoon if you so wish – the choice is yours.
And if that’s not enough fun, there’s an evening programme too, and of course lots of time for adults to socialise and kids to play.

Memories that will last forever…

Comments from our previous trips.

‘We had hoped for a well organised and fun family holiday where the children learnt to ski in a friendly and supported manner. Our expectations were fully met – thanks!’

‘We all really enjoyed it. At the end of the week we had a strong sense of…. We must come back next year!’

‘Excellent – the kids loved everything!’

“Kids have a fabulous time, well looked after in ski school and during the activities. Personal touch makes all the difference. Makes what would otherwise be very difficult with kids a great holiday.

‘Super holiday. It’s the best way of skiing with kids’

‘Really the best [value for money] I’ve experienced – particularly at half term’

‘Simply a very good family holiday – not sure how you could improve on it.’

‘Just wanted to say that we all had a fantastic holiday, great combination of things for all of us, for the kids, and also allowing us to get some decent skiing in.’

Why not get in touch…

Feel free to contact us should you have any queries or simply want to talk things through.

Email or call Marcella on 07958 605561