Just do it

What better gift can we give to our children that the sheer joy of being physically active? In fact, perhaps that should read simply ‘sheer joy of being’. For children to exhibit unbridled enthusiasm for just about anything and everything is, in itself a sheer joy. I guess this really is the holy grail of parenthood, teaching and coaching. Where does it come from / how can we get there?

Unfortunately, we’re up against some formidable enemies of which Apathy must be the deadliest. I’ve been fortunate to work with some inspirational people, none more so than my friend Helen Cazalet. Helen is a retired teacher with a deep, burning passion for young people’s progress. She cares about pretty much everything. Because of this her energy is tangible.

Let’s energetically enthuse and hopefully our kids will engage with their world with interest, enjoyment and a heightened sense INTRINSIC motivation. Let them do it for the sheer love of it!