These frequently asked questions cover a broad range of concerns that we have addressed over the years.

If you have a question that is not answered here, please get in touch.
What should the children wear?
Comfortable active clothes. During the holiday programmes the children will go outside for at least one of the four sessions each day so in the summer, sun caps and sun block are needed and in the winter hats, gloves and additional layers.

Trainers should be worn. Boots, heels, sandals or ‘crocs’ are far from ideal.

Finally, we strongly recommend that all items of clothing are labelled.

Should the children bring anything to eat or drink?

Absolutely. Lunch time is a central part of our holiday courses. We all eat together in an orderly and secure setting. Staff are on hand to help little ones open wrappers etc.

Because the children are on the go all day they tend to get more hungry than normal. However, it is vital that they have plenty to drink. In warm weather we will always stop for regular drink breaks and it is useful if the children have a water bottle to hand as well as the drink in their lunch box.

We have a light snack after the first activity session and lunch is at 12.30. We positively encourage healthy eating in keeping with the current policy at most schools.

At weekly after school classes we recommend the children have a very light snack such as a piece of fruit and a drink before the class starts.

Do you have early drop off and late pick up available in the school holidays?

At Muswell Hill we have introduced early drop off from 08.30 and we have teamed up with Fortis Green Kids Club to offer extended care until 18.00.

My child has a food allergy – will she be safe?

Absolutely. Our online booking system has a section for you to let us know of any special or medical needs and this includes food allergies. We will then let the relevant personnel know what they need to know to keep your child safe. In some cases we will write the food allergy on the child’s name label. The children are closely supervised during snack and lunch times and we operate a strict no sharing policy.

My child has special needs. Will he enjoy mi sport?

At mi sport, we strive towards a genuinely inclusive experience for all children. We will always take the time to discuss your child’s needs and give an honest appraisal as to whether we are equipped and have the staff expertise to meet their needs.

We have worked successfully with a number of children with, hearing impairment, Downs, Aspergers and children on the autistic spectrum.

We have a policy of complete transparency. Parents are always welcome to stay and watch. We will also give you an honest verbal report at the end of each session/day as to how your child did, his or her level of involvement and enjoyment. If we are in doubt as to whether we can deliver to our own high standard we will tell you and, of course refund any payment.

Many parents of ‘non sporty’ children with special needs have told us that mi sport is the only place their child has experienced success in physical activity.

My child has never been to an all day holiday programme before. What if he’s anxious when I drop him off?

We fully appreciate that for a young child walking into a large noisy room full of strangers can be daunting so we go to great lengths to create a secure, welcoming and child-friendly atmosphere. The vast majority of children are at ease straight away. Some children take a little longer to settle in. Each Active Kids centre has experienced staff who will support your child sensitively and skillfully. What’s more we will text you to let you know that all is OK, and of course you are always welcome to call us or pop in for an update.

Can parents stay?

Of course, although it’s best if you join in. Parents on the side can, with the best intention, distrat their child. Some of our centres have viewing areas so you can watch discreetly. If your child is able to see you and she runs over to you, we would strongly recommend encouraging her to join in straight away. When children are a little anxious about being dropped of, it is often better if mum or dad pops out for 5 minutes so that the leaders can gain their attention.

Finally, if you return before the end of the session on a weekly or holiday course, please do not take your child home before the session has finished without telling the leader in person. Likewise, if the children are sat in their groups at the end of the day and your son runs over to you, give him a hug and ask him to rejoin the other children so we can finish the session in a safe and orderly manner.