Play Practise Perform

mi sport is cutting edge. We have a distinct approach to children’s sport based on the latest thinking about how children experience sport and physical activity.

What do we know about how children engage with sport?

Children do sport when:

Most children tend not to be motivated by winning, indeed, there is strong evidence to suggest children who are intrinsically motivated, stay in sport longer. But, like adults, kids are all different. The common assumption is that sport is a journey towards elite performance but for most people that’s not the case. Some children just want to PLAY, others to PRACTISE and others aspire to PERFORM. Our goal is to be able to provide meaningful, engaging experiences for each of the 3 P’s.

To enjoy sport, children need ….

At mi sport we help children develop each of these starting with equipping young children with sound movement competency.

Where do we come from?

mi sport was founded by Greg Dryer. Greg has worked in physical education for over 20 years. He is a senior lecturer in PE and Sport and he is working towards a doctorate that looks at how children get into and stay in sport . mi sport is research driven and embodies Greg’s vision.

We started as Active Kids in 2004 with weekly classes and small holiday courses. Since then we have worked with over 20,000 children.

In 2008 we ran our first family ski holiday.

We now offer both after school and extended school programmes, School Plus and our parties really keep us busy. In 2009, due to popular demand we started mi fc (formerly Active Kick) and we are looking to offer more sport specific courses for older children in the near future.

Our most recent service is mi sport Tutor – 1:1 and small group tuition in a range of sports for children of all abilities.